Monday, December 27, 2010


I want to get out

I've been stuck here for so many years

Things get harder and harder to do

I find myself gasping for breath at times

And other times overwhlemed by the air around me

I need to get out

I've been down here for so long i can't seem to remember what it was like

To be free

To not have this weight on me

Pushing me farther and farther down

Till my body breaks


Can anyone help me out

I'm so lost down here alone

I'm so broken

I'm so trapped

I've been thinking

About you
How much i hate you
How much i want your attention
How much i can't stand to be around you anymore
How much i want to be accepted by you
How much you owe me

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweet Love

I love it when you play with my hair when i'm sitting next to you
I love when you run up behind me and wrap those arms around me
I love it when i catch you staring and smiling at me
I love when you send me a random text that makes me smile
I love it when you kiss my hand
I love... you... Period


I finally got free of you
Took all the memories of you and burned them
Burned all the things holding me back
And as i walked home from the spot i burned them
I felt absolute freedom
I felt the chains you had me in crumble
You don't control me anymore
You can't haunt me anymore
I am finally free of you